Jan31 COVID Fraud: -163 Cases

On January 31st, 2021 Public Health Ontario recorded that there were less newly confirmed cases than newly recovered cases, with its daily epidemiological summary (archived at Ministry of Health) as:

There are a total of 270,180 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ontario reported to date. Compared to the previous day, this represents:

  • An increase of 1,969 confirmed cases
  • An increase of 36 deaths
  • A recovery of 2,132 confirmed cases

This equates a net value of 1,969 - 2,132 cases, or -163 cases. For these alarming numbers, we have been forced to perpetuate a lockdown (not a lockdown, but only a state of emergency) to "reduce the numbers".

Why the fuck do you need pandemonium to further REDUCE a negative number?


Anonymous (not verified), Sun, 03/21/2021 - 21:16
Has it occurred to you that "An INCREASE of 1,969 confirmed cases" does not mean that's the total number of confirmed cases?
Anonymous (not verified), Mon, 03/22/2021 - 01:26
Yes.. I've underscored (actually, highlighted) the fact that it's an INCREASE in cases and as you can see by Chad's response, we're quite aware of the fact that a "confirmed case" is anything but confirmed.. it's a confirmed possible case, which is all the PCR is competent to determine, as a quick and easy test for exclusion from the pool of viable samples.

What we've brought up for your inquiring yet dismissive mind, is the fact that even using a myopic fear-porn propaganda lens, the fraud is difficult to maintain.

The only cases which SHOULD matter are the hospitalizations, especially given that is being used as the metric to justify locking everyone in their homes. Stay home, we wouldn't want to develop natural herd immunity before we've readied our experimental gene therapeutic for mass human-testing clinics in the general populace..

The differential is only used to show that this is going through the population like the seasonal flu, and that doing lockdowns and issuing stay-at-home orders just delays and actually impairs the development of natural herd immunity. That, in and of itself, is actionable conduct.
If you want to talk "real" numbers, we've been at generally less than 1,000 COVID patients in the ENTIRE PROVINCE for over 12-months, although we had a period from Dec28 til Feb07, with a crest at 1,632 in January '21. Take yesterday's differential of +438 cases.

This actually boils down to 13,810 "suspected cases" with only 765 patients in the hospital. These are the only cases reasonable presented to be "confirmed," but even that is difficult without having an isolated virus with which to actually CONFIRM that is really is SARS-CoV-2. They declare a positive diagnosis with an assay confirming an immune response.
Nothing more. They then declare the "strain" by throwing an epidemiological dart at a map on the wall. That's about it.
Read Chad's rant on this, he's much better than me at this arguing bullshit:

On 2021Mar20, there were 13,810 active "cases". This only resulted in 765 occupied beds in the entire province.
However, 13,045 people SUSPECTED of being infected with SARS-CoV-2 were forced into isolation for a MINIMUM of 2-weeks.
That's not an economically feasible method of threat elimination. That is patent unreasonableness, to the T, and we've generally referred to the fact that the government and its state actors, contractors and sub-contractors, have voided their liability protection.
It's in this article about Crowning Glory (somewhat befittingly, given that this IS about a Corona)...

Has it occurred to you that we've all been played?