Mr HILLIER to Ms FARKAS re 'Luv your 6:6'

ON: June 17, 2024 at 1304EST
RE: Re: Luv you, 6:6
FR: Mr Isaac Bon Hillier
TO: Ms Kelly Anne Wolfe 
CC: Mr Isaac Bon Hillier

  • I haven’t run a counter-grift for over 15 years… We’re together through the end, or you’re going to wind up in jail. And I will be the ONLY parent for “your” son at Grad. Think about this darling… because I’ve been running ops much longer than you. We’re partners, at the least in a Corporate sense, and whatever more we reach consensual activation for.

    Thank-you Kelly, you’re the light I needed to start my engine. Luv,

  • On Jun 17, 2024, at 03:55, Kelly wrote:

    "Again, there was no tires purchased at any point at any time. at any time at all. Nobody purchased any tires.
    I’m really irritated with you, Chad. Like, Isaac, I'm getting really fucking irritated. If you respect me, then stop trying to assume things. Because you're fucking wrong.
    First of all, nobody fucking bought any tires from Canadian Tire. I did not buy tires from Canadian Tire."

    "I don't know how else to fuck.. And say it, would you like me to write it?
    ( My dear, it just comes down to your asking me to meet you half-way. )

    I already cut my losses with what I lost from the fucking bank account. Please leave it alone. I don't need to things to get any more fucked up than they already are. Thank you.

  • Why are you afraid, are you still not dealing with the fact that Noah/Travis and Anna/Grace know me better than you? I luv them, whatever you’ve infected them with.

  • I’m your 6:6,
    so we’ll go to Hell together, at...
    at least such is MY choice.

  • -Luv,