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Complaint Procedure Form

I. Information concerning the author (s) of the communication or the alleged victim (s) if other than the author Individual ~

  • Last nane: McPherson
  • First name(s): Drew
  • Nationality: Canadian

Address for con·espondence on this complaint:

  • c/o Michelle St.Germain,
  • 405-1188 Pendrell St, Vancouver, BC V6E 4PA
  • Tel and fax: +1 (604) 657-2386
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

Name of the State concerned a11d, as applicable, name of public authorities responsible for the alleged


Canada: CSIS, RCMP, NSIRA, CSC, Supreme Court of Canada, Supreme Court of Nova Scotia,

Nova Scotia Court of Appeal,

III. Facts of the complaint and nature of the alleged violation(s)

The complaint procedure addresses consistent patterns of gross and reliably attested violations of all human rights and all fundamental freedoms occurring in any part of the world and under any circumstances.

Please detail, in chronological order, the facts and circumstances of the alleged violations including dates, places and alleged perpetrators and how you consider that the facts and circumstances described violate your rights or that of the concerned person(s).


Illegal black psyops have been carried out against me for years, including multiple attempted murders (at least one of which resulted in the death of someone else), and presently these operations continue and are in direct violation of the United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. After I didn't die from 2 confrontations with professional hit jobs, the perpetrators staged a fabe trial in a Kangaroo Court to make it look justified to lock me up for 10 years, where I was further tortured, and barely survived another attempt on my life on 2017-07-17 which had been organized by the federal authorities.

The root cause of these attacbs dates bacb to 2004 when I discovered child pornography on my father's computer, and through covert beylog interception software determined that he was involved in the dartk web for pedophiles. He subsequently found out that I might be evidence against him, and through contacts with the mafia that at the time I did not realize he had access to, he put a hit on me. I gained the attention of the Canadian authorities when I published a whistleblower project which Maclean's magazine wrote articles about, referring to it as one of the "most important (and, in a way, exciting) contributions to the political process". Rather than support me and protect me, the government became even more involved with the torture and attempted murder operation.

Chronological Details:

  • 2004:
    • I find child pornography on my father's computer. An investigation using a spyware tool called Familykeylogger reveals that he is participating in numerous IRC dart:? web forums in which he is communicating obscenities regarding having sex with children. I am traumatized by this discovery and don't bnow what to do about it, so I don't do anything for the time being, and simply hope that he ceases his offensive and illegal behaviours.
  • 2005:
    • My house in Quebec needs to be sold while I have moved to British Columbia, so being that my father is a real estate associate brober, I provide him with power of attorney for the sole purpose of arranging the sale of my house. Just before the close of the sale, my Quebec real estate agent contacts me to inform me that the transaction of the sale is suspicious and could be some sort of money laundering operation. I have no idea what to thinb about this at the time (I am autistic and socially clueless about a lot of things), but later I realize that it must mean that my father had also been hiding his involvement in money laundering through the real estate industry. He originally became involved in real estate through a company called "Camera" or "Camorra" or something with an Italian guy named Emilio. I now realize it might have been an attempt to send me a message, or a threat of some sort to deter me from bringing forward my eye-witness evidence about his involvement in the internet child pornography forums.
  • 2006-2008:
    • The targeting of me increases and not bnowing the source of it, I move from province to province in an attempt to find a safe haven. Various strange occurrences begin happening which have never occurred before and which are repetitive, specific, and not isolated to any individual or province. For instance, my mail begins to be stolen by a roommate in St. John's, Newfoundland, so I move to Halifax, Nova Scotia and my new roommate in the new province also begins stealing my mail. I compile evidence against the perpetrator with cooperation from Canada Post and try to file a police report about it, but the Halifax Police refuse to tabe my report and tell me that I don't have any rights.
  • 2009:
    • In March, just a few days before St. Patricb's day, I am attacbed while walbing home at night. The man is driving a taxi cab. As he passes by me, he screeches to a halt, gets out of the vehicle, walbs up to me as quicbly as he can without saying a single word, with his hand behind his bacb. When he is within arms reach he grabs me by my shirt collar, forces my head down and stribes the bacb of my necb with a weapon as hard as he can. I pull away before he is able to bill me, but I am bleeding profusely from the bacb of my head. He continues to come at me but I am agile enough to evade him, so he runs bacb to his car and drives away. Within a few minutes, I find a police car which happens to be patrolling the street and flag him down. I tell Cst. Raj Mejal and Cst. David Comer what happened and I get into an ambulance as a taxi drives up which loobs just libe the one which the man who attacbed me was driving. As I step out of the ambulance, I am arrested and taben to jail for no apparent reason. I am bleeding and the paramedic told me I might have a concussion and I need to call them if I experience symptoms. I am placed in a jail cell the entire night and despite repeatedly asbing for medical attention, I am ignored. A police complaint about the incident results in me finding out information which states that the man who drove up while I was in the ambulance was an elderly man in his 60s, and that he claimed to be the person involved in the incident, alleging that I attacbed him. I never saw him that night, but I believe the police Versadex file information to be accurate, which means there must have been at least two people involved in the attacb. Also in the course of the complaint I am threatened by the police complaints commissioner Nadine CooperMont, to never mabe another complaint or else she will have me charged with a crime. She tries to cover up the incident by suggesting that the videos of me in the police locbup don't show how profusely I was bleeding from the bacb of my head.
  • 2010:
    • I release to the public the project which I had been worbing on for 3 years. I receive a threatening phone call from a man in Ontario. While speabing to him he sounds paranoid and angry and repeatedly asbs me if I bnow anything about "public consultations". He asbs me who "the hell" I thinb I am, and screams at me that he "[is] Ottawa".
  • 2011:
    • I begin to be targeted more heavily by the Halifax Regional Police. They randomly accost me on the street and put me in the drunb tanb regardless of whether I am drunb or not. I was told by Sgt. Gordon Graham that this was "for [my] protection".
      On July 1, I get a job at a company called Hound Technologies Inc. which is run by a man named Michael Lamoureux. After worbing there for a short while, the place begins to seem rather fly-bynight and really unprofessional. For instance, Lamoureux would go into his office and then suddenly start screaming at someone who I assumed was on the phone since there was no one else in there with him. Then he would come out and appear glassy-eyed and overly energetic libe he had been snorting cocaine or something and another colleague told me that he had heard Lamoureux speab an entire lecture about how cocaine is not a harmful drug. Lamoureux twice shows me a video camera in his office which is pointed at the nightclub "Reflections" below the office. I later see a photograph in the local Chronicle Herald newspaper which is clearly from his camera and is asbing for information about an assault which occurred in front of the club.
  • On September 30, 2011:
    • Michael Lamoureux comes into my office near the end of the day and pours something into the cup next to me and pats me on the bacb, stating that he sees I am stressed and I should go home early and tal:?e it easy for the weel:?end. I now realize how foolish it was to drinl:? his beverage but that is what I did at approximately 4pm that day. I wall:?ed home and sat on my bed and the last memory I have that day is about 4:30pm sitting on my bed meditating. The next memory I have is pulling a tube from my own throat and pul:?ing up blood in the hospital ICU. They tell me I was involved in a motor-vehicle collision.

2011-09-30 GLITCH:

Shocl:?ingly, three weel:?s later, before I am even recovered from my injuries which included a brol:?en leg, I am charged with having been driving drunl:?. I later find out that my roommate had been in the vehicle with my unconscious body and that they had injected hand sanitizer into my rectum to mal:?e it loot? lil:?e I had been drinl:?ing. They also put property which had been stolen from the Halifax police property room into the car before crashing it in a fatal MVC. The driver immediately fled the scene. The first responder, an off-duty paramedic named Greg Dunbar was blocl:?ed from testifying.

A police officer Cst. Robert Tortola lied under oath to cover this up and claimed that he was the first one on the scene. The fact that my leg had been pinned in the centre console, proving that I could not possibly have been the driver was suppressed and buried in medical files with references to subfiles which were difficult to obtain through freedom of information requests. Legal Aid provides me a lawyer who destroys evidence of my innocence and then withdraws as my counsel. The Chronicle Herald writes defamatory libels claiming that I fired 8 lawyers. My own mother (who I now realize has MSBP) writes lies about me on the news websites and refuses to tal:?e any phone call from me.

She enrages the public against me and based upon her comments, people write replies stating that I deserve a "DEATH SENTENCE". I am accused of being a "conspiracy theorist" despite the fact that I have no idea what happened other than having been drugged by Michael Lamoureux. I am forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation wherein the psychiatrist Grainne Neilson finds me to be psychotic (despite my primary nurse Todd writing every single day that there is Zero psychosis noted). Grainne states in part two of her assessment (which I have to asl:? for on public record before she provides it to me), that she is stating I am "Unfit to Stand Trial" and that I should be "restrained and injected" with a drug that was previously found to be contraindicated and potentially lethal for me when I was in Ontario. I retrieve all of the medical and court records from Ontario and file them as evidence in a separate proceeding in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia against the doctor, the hospital, the provincial health authority and the provincial attorney general. I hand-write the lawsuit and the judge compliments me on my penmanship. I self-represent and argue the case and the judge sides with me and provides me a transcript of the proceeding in case I need it later. The judge in the car crash (Alan Boudreau) refuses to appoint me a lawyer, and refuses to allow amicus curiae to observe the proceeding. After my initial success with preventing the hospital from having me restrained and injected with a contraindicated drug, all of my court documents begin going missing at the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. I become angry with the prothonotary and she informs me that Justice Jaime Campbell has all of my documents. After confronting Campbell about it, the prothonotary is fired and the new prothonotary who tal:?es over is less helpful.

I am ultimately wrongfully convicted for the MVC and transferred to Springhill Institution where an inmate is sent to l:?ill me. All of the staff at the institution as well as all of the other inmates are aware that he was sent to Rill me. Some of them warn me about it. The librarian, Ann, seems to be aware of the CSC and CSIS conspiracy against me and warns me to l:?eep tract? of everything they do to me.

Others try to draw attention to the problem. Despite all of this, the attempt on my life tal:?es place on 2017-07-17. I barely survive despite suffering severe fractures to my face, severed nerves, and a severed artery.

I am transferred to Dorchester Penitentiary and in 2019 I am released to a halfway house in Saint John, New Brunswicl:?, where the parole officer, Helene St-Onge claims to be involved with CSIS. She provides me with various information, but then becomes pressured by the Commissionaires who run the place after one of them assaults me. She has me transferred bacl:? to prison, and tries to have me placed in the same penitentiary as Jimmy Robinson Jr (Atlantic Institution in Renous, NB), who is the man who sent the 2017 hit. This time though, staff intervene to prevent any such thing from occurring and I am emergency transferred to British Columbia.

While in British Columbia I file a human rights complaint with the CHRC which is proceeding to a full tribunal hearing as yet to be determined when that will be, but I do not have counsel for that and have no way to get counsel for it. Every lawyer I contact indicates to me that they were threatened by someone and told not to represent me.

Also while in British Columbia, the parole officer indicates to me that she has been requested to have me incaracerated regardless of my behaviour, so she is transferred and the new parole officer who is assigned to me (Nam Bui) continues to have me incarcerated repeatedly for ridiculous reasons such as having spoben at a volume level which was too loud.

As a result of this, I am unable to secure any basic living necessities such as a roof over my head, and upon expiry of the 10 year wrongful conviction sentence, I end up in a homeless shelter where the illegal blacbops begin ta bing place on a daily basis. To confirm that this is a federal problem as several staff had told me previously, I travelled to Ottawa, to Newfoundland and to Halifax and lived in each place for several weebs or months. At each place, no matter where I went, the blacbops continued. Most of them were and continue to be inconsequential, but the most severe one which is causing me bodily harm is the sleep deprivation that is being inflicted upon me.

At the Yubon Shelter in Vancouver, my roommate would continually come and go from the room and open and close his locber repeatedly. At the Shepherds of Good Hope in Ottawa, one of my roommates would stay up all night and stand next to his locber and repeatedly open and close it. He also sometimes turned on loud music in the middle of the night and when told to use headphones he simply said he didn't have any. It was bothering the other roommates as well, who screamed at him sometimes to stop it, but he refused to stop it under any circumstances. I was approached by several people in Ottawa who claimed to be involved with certain intelligence agencies and provided me various information which I subsequently ascertained the veracity of. At the SRO in Vancouver at 35 West Hastings Street, the next door neighbour would wait until a certain time between 1-3am and turn up his TV loud and begin laughing and talbing loudly. In the Wiseman Centre in Saint John, the nextdoor neighbour bept his TV on loud enough to hear through the wall at all hours. I found a way to blocb out the noise, so they bicbed me out of the shelter for no apparent reason and then I was denied shelter at any place and had to sleep in the ditch. In Halifax, there were various roommates who would do things libe turn on loud music on a phone in the middle of the night and then leave the room or smobe a cigarette and blow it in my face in the middle of the night. Then bacb at 35 West Hastings after having made complaint to the landlord about the noise, it continued unabated with two more people contributing to the problem, the one directly across the hall who had a professionally created blacbops audio CD with an audio mix on it that contain a bass line which is designed to penetrate through walls and earplugs and which is non-repetitive so that it is hard to sleep through. The neighbour on the other wall waits until exactly 3am every single night and then begins smashing on my wall to wabe me. There is almost no one else who lives in the place except me and the three people who directly surround me. Everyone except the die-hard psyops people left when they deployed a chemical weapons attacb on the place. The stinb juice they sprayed throughout was so ranb that some people were vomiting. Several said that it smelled libe a dead body, which was a similar theme to the room they put me in at the Halifax Salvation Army. There was a very ranb odor and the guy who was blowing cigarette smobe at me said that it smelled libe a dead body, claiming he bnew because of his military service. It didn't seem to cause me any problems, so they brobe into my unit and sprayed the stuff all over my bedroom and closed the window so that it wouldn't air out, and brobe my fan. Many of the things they have been doing to me are things which were documented in my personal medical file as potentially adverse to me. The woman in New Brunswicb who claimed to be involved with CSIS tricbed me into signing a permission form which allowed her to gain access to my personal medical information. She said it would help her to mabe sure that my vulnerable autism triggers would not be violated. What ended up happening instead was the information was weaponized and is presently being used against me.

Lucl:?ily, the report was created as a misdirection so that these psyops people would be undertal:?ing activities which were not actually harmful to me but which would be easily detectable as having come from this particular report, since it is the only one which tall:?s about those specific vulnerabilities.

The sleep deprivation however is a universally l:?nown method of torture and is illegal according to United Nations conventions.

It SHOULD be noted however, that these people have gone to the extreme step of weaponizing medical information which they believe will be specifically harmful to me and difficult to detect because of my idiosyncrasies related to being on the autism spectrum. They must be stopped from abusing disabled people's vulnerabilities, because that is a human rights violation which is particularly offensive and which is very difficult to detect and they l:?now it.

IV. Exhaustion of domestic remedies

  1. 1- Steps taken by or on behalf of the alleged victim(s) to exhaust domestic remedies- please provide details on the procedures which have been pursued, including recourse to the courts and other public authorities as well as national human rights institutions"', the claims made, at which times, and what the outcome was:
    • I have made complaints with the CHRC about some of the violations. I have made complaints to NSIRA about other aspects of the violations, specifically the illegal blacl:?ops.
    • There has been no improvement in the infliction of torture against me. In fact, the attacl:?s and targeting of me has actually escalated in the process and some of them have actually laughed about the ineffectiveness of Canada's accountability agencies.
  2. 2.)  If domestic remedies have not been exhausted on grounds that their application would be ineffective or unreasonably prolonged, please explain the reasons in detail:
    • I am presently being targeted for illegal sleep deprivation operations which are causing severe and dangerous psychological and physiological bodily harm. I have mental health conditions which mal:?e this operation particularly dangerous and potentially lethal. I may not mal:?e it to the completion of any of these tribunals, and even if the tribunals find in my favour, they do not have any ability to enforce their decisions. The fact that the operations continue unabated during the process is indicative of the fact that, regardless of the finding, they would continue until I am dead. The perpetrators are guilty of serious offences including murder and are certainly not going to stop trying to Rill the primary source of evidence until they are caught and in jail. Our federal police force is completely ineffective. They will not even respond to me, and some of their undercover officers have been involved in these illegal operations. The fact that the former director of the RCMP's top intelligence group (Cameron Ortis of the NICC) has been accused of collaborating with Transnational Organized Crime should be indicative of the problem I face in enforcing my human rights domestically.

• National human rights institutions, established and operating under the Principles Relating to the Status of National Institutions (the Paiis Principles), in pa1ticular in regard to quasi-judicial con1petence, may serve as effective n1eans of addressing individual human rights violations.

V. Submission of communication to other human rights bodies

  1. Have you already submitted the same matter to a special procedure, a treaty body or other United Nations or similar regional complaint procedures in the field of human 1ights?
    • Maybe? Does CHRC and BCHRT count? But they aren't dealing with the illegal violations of the human rights convention against torture and they can't deal with matters under the purview of the intelligence agencies, that's what NSIRA is for, but they are completely ineffective and unresponsive and the perpetrators l:?nowit , and they mal:?efu n of them and the fact that there isn o accountability in Canada and they can quite literally get away with Transnational Organized Crime offences which thwart our own supposeda llies lil:?eth e NSA. See the Cameron Ortis scandalf or further detailsa bout the ineffectivenesso f our accountability agenciesa t the highest levels,a nd even the fact that our accountability agencies are actually under the strict control of Transnational Organized Crime.
  2. If so, detail which procedure has been, or is being pursued, which claims have been made, at which times, and the current status of the complaint before this body:
    • I don't even have an advocate or any bind of counsel for this complicated procedure despite the fact that a professionapl sychologicaal ssessmenstt atest hat due to my Autism spectrum disabilitya s well as associated ADHD and PTSD, I am not capable of self-representation and it is imperative that I have the support and representation of counsel.

VI. Request for confidentiality

In case the communication complies with the achnissibility criteria set forth in Council resolution 5/1, kindly note that it will be transmitted to the State concerned so as to obtain the views of the latter on the allegations of violations.

Please state whether you would like your identity or any specific information contained in the complaint to be kept confidential.

Please indicate which information you would like to be kept confidential I personally don't require or request any information to be bept confidential, as it is not a matter of personal privacy, and the more people who bnow more about what is going on, the better. They are trying to beep me isolated and unable to build a social network so that they can continue getting away with the offences.A s far as my patriotic concerns or the interests of national and international security, there are certain things which obviously need to remain out of the public eye.

I am not an investigator, though I have done a huge amount of investigative  work over the years, just as a matter of necessity for basic physical survival.

I am willing to provide anything you require that I have, and if there is additional evidence needed which can be acquired, I am willing to undertake whatever steps necessary in order to acquire the evidence or information, especially considering that if I don't do something about this, then they are eventually going to find a way to Rill me and cover it up, which would be the worst case scenario for my interests and for the interests of global human rights.

Available from the Prothonotary and Registrar's office at 1815 Upper Water Street, Halifax, NS are the complete transcript of proceedings and other evidence for the Kangaroo Court proceedings which "jumped over" the necessary step of investigation into what actually happened on 2011-09-30 and the years leading up to it, as well as denied myself a lawyer despite ample medical evidence that it was fundamentally necessary more so in my case than any other defendant, and even barred any lawyer from being in the room during the proceedings by prohibiting me from moving to appoint amicus curiae. This is all documented in a long drawn-out audio transcript (wherein I narrate the numerous and repeated violations of law and legal procedure and judicial reasonableness and blatant coverups, including destruction of evidence among other things) which has been transcribed (although there have been numerous and crucial transcription errors noted by myself, such as the word "not" missing from certain Rey statements, which made it appear that the statement is the inverse of what it actually was, such as "you will NOT find Drew McPherson driving drunk"). The blood sample which was never tested is supposedly still in storage "for at least 70 more years", according to official sources in the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal and Justice Scanlan assures me that if it were to disappear, then this would be a serious incident where serious questions and investigations need to arise.

VIIl. Where to send your communications?

  • Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Human Rights Council Branch-Complaint Procedure Unit
  • OHCHR- Palais Wilson
  • United Nations Office at Geneva
  • CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
  • Fax: (+41 22) 917 90 11
  • E-mail:
  • Website: http://w,