Positive "Cases" vs Hospitalized "Cases" or The Control Group

On 2021Mar20, there were 13,810 active cases of COVID-19 in the whole Province of Ontario. Of these a whopping 765 were hospitalized.. forcing the remaining 13,045 cases to be imprisoned to isolate from friends and family.

This is a disease so devastating that of 13,810 cases, a disproportionate 94.13568417% of the victims (13,045 souls) are forced into isolation like some sort of rabid dog, while only 5.86431583% (765) are actually admitted to the hospital with symptoms —I hope...

This is a real mind-fuck, a perverse demonstration of the power of the Mainstream Media using a Mockingbird System to provide footing for a Stockholm Syndrome fear-porn (cortisol-based) operation to facilitate an exercise of Munchausen-by-Government. This "disease" is so fucking mild that only 5.9% of people testing positive required hospitalization. Likely with 2-3 co-morbidities, judging from the death statistics.
I mean, I knew the situation was buggered, but to think that our whole province is shut-down because 765 people are in the hospital beggars belief.

However, everyone is talking about how the State (Government of Ontario) can be held criminally liable, but not civilly liable (codified liability protections), and that its various affiliates acting on direction of the State will take the fall, which isn't exactly correct..

Firstly, the parties acting in alleged good faith and on direction of the State, will be protected from civil liability by virtue of acting as an effectual agent of the state. Criminal liability will be much harder to prove, given the web of malingering at play.. very difficult to prove mens when they're acting in Good Faith.
However, if we look at this as an offence of Negligence (under both the Criminal and Civil tests) a case may be made, in this writer's opinion, that they have voided their liability protection by way of gross unreasonableness.
Would a reasonable person lock down the province because there are a thousand people in the hospital, and you're receiving lots of mixed messages?

It's definitely NOT reasonable to keep the whole province in a pulsating string of quasi-lockdowns with only 765 people in the hospital, and actually engaging in psychological warfare against the entire populace.

The fact that they've conned the military into being party to their criminal responsibility is just the icing. The Canadian Armed Forces terminated the alleged source of these two leaks:

And appointed a boot-licker to act as Ford's fluffer for his debut performance on Fucking The Nation. This is gonna be fuckin' spectacular.



Anonymous (not verified), Mon, 03/22/2021 - 10:49
I have been following Public Health Ontario since Feb. They have raised the PCR threshols from 30 to 35 and now to 38 in March.
Aren't false positives greater after 30?