Sherbourne Die Statte COVID-19 Euthanasia Clinic

There was a press conference at parliament about the censorship and pure Gobbels-style push for mass vaccination with the experimental and unapproved MRNA therapeutic, specifically Pfizer and Moderna. Now, we've got a "pop-up" that was rushed into our building.

Your support with ensuring the informed consent of our neighbours is greatly appreciated. Below is the presser held by Derek Sloan which appears to have triggered this [most recent] culling.


COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic 2nd Floor
561 Sherbourne St at 12:00-3:00pm

Don’t have your first dose of the COVID vaccine yet? We are offering vaccinations in your building!

  • Pfizer is available for anyone 12 years old and up

  • If you have any questions or concerns, drop by and speak to one of our doctors

  • International students and work permit residents are welcome

  • If you have an adverse reaction or die subsequent to your injection of this unapproved treatment, you or your estate may sue Medallion Corporation for its part in your death. See Medallion & State Agency Liability.

Restrictions and Liability

  • No appointment needed, just walk in

  • Priority is for residents of 561 and 565 Sherbourne St.
  • Bring your OHIP card if you have one; not mandatory
  • Enter for your chance to win a free funeral
  • This is a Public Service Announcement Learn more at