NOTICE OF CLAIM — Alpha Tau Omega — Timing is in EVERYTHING

  • Please understand that it's foolish to send a little puppy-dog named "Drew McPherson" after a cougar and his partner, because though you might be a Wolfe Kelly, but I'm a Cougar with my Tiger.
  • And you're both our friend and my associate, even though you've wasted my time taking out the trash called "DrewZero Illuminatus".
  • My wife and I'll talk about your usage of someone like him with you, but only if we have the time to drink some beer with you, cuz he's amusing.



Hey Kelly, Isaac here. We’re fighting like children,
please don’t make it any worse than it already is. 

I’m under a lot of stress about something personal I’m dealing with,
so please respect me as your equal.


To All The Men Out There - What Anne Thinks About Us


This is a long message, so please take some time to read it.. This will significantly prevent further misunderstandings between all three of us, as you have to remember that we are EQUIVALENT in efficacy, but we just have different strengths and weaknesses.

We're business partners, whether you like and respect my skills or not. I was VERY careful to inform you about the cavalcade available to the Independent Ontario Advocacy Group with the “white-collar” crime constituting "Fraud Over $5,000" and you'll remember that I informed you that I understood that you're on my team and was willing to appropriately handle collection, but I guess my glasses and limp cause you to underestimate my skill. Actually, I’ve never yet disclosed for your understanding my training in the Dr Masaaki Hatsumi protocol on the West Coast.
If you're not on my team, then you're guilty of "Fraud over $5,000" which I VERY CLEARLY ensured you were fully aware of, in our discussion about the guy who ripped you off for $2,500 and then you told me about how you had to “wait for someone with a patch to go collect it to pay my rent." I trust you, because I understand you even better than I know who's our enemy in this scenario. You're not my enemy, as you're a member of my team who's not really well versed in how I thoroughly run my operations, and so that meant that gives you a sufficient degree of tolerance.
Hell, my wife doesn’t even understand the depth of my consideration.
  • Sidenote, how’s your eye doing right now? Do you still have difficulty seeing with the patch you got from the totally unrelated medical emergency?

I've informed you that I've documented OUR Independent Ontario Advocacy Group Financial Shell very coherently. I've also formally given you the option, Door A or Door B. You're my associate Anne, and I care about you and your children.. as I feel a spiritual obligation nearly as much as I care for my wife and myself.


This criminal occurrence is basically phrased as a White Collar Crime. That'll simply get you your day in Superior Court whereby you can describe to the world your justification for stealing from a.. what was it you recognized myself as.. “fucking insane obsessed retard" and that the "fucking insane obsessed retard" stole money from "[Farkas] daughter's money from her father".

I uttered the LEGAL CONTRACT for your review and allowed for any questions you had during your interpretation of the contract. If you still deny the contract existed, we'll go through Door B, and you'll get your day in court.
I gave you notice, and told you my experience with the legal system. I still care for you as a teammate (you are my brethren), and know that we are stronger together. I’m looking forward to (part of my atypical psychopathology) us ALL getting along. This is a VERY irregular occurrence.

Why? Because even the most ambitious people make mistakes, and you've a LOT of potential. However, you have to respect my skillset because, as I said previously when establishing your birthday present, we each have and hold our strengths and weaknesses.

I know your strength, but you don't understand my weakness. We're a team, my dear business partner whether we’re friends every day or not, which is precisely the thing my wife and I deal with.. we argue once or twice a month and are in disagreement, yet we’re married and realize that our Sacrament of Holy Matrimony has a perpetuity.
Please give my love to the children, and allow yourself to understand the immensity of my respect for you, Anne, for we’re both VERY GOOD at properly rendering certain operations. I care about my wife just a bit more than you, which is why I’ve more readily asserted you as my spiritual doppelgänger or just my sister.
I feel your resonance intuitively, but comprehend it specifically.

I care about you and your children because of the correlation to my son (15) and his step-sister (18), and to our connection as brethren, cuz we both play the same games. I care about and protect you as one of the few people I actually care about, yet I love and am married to Mar, my wife of over 13 years in a matrimonial partnership. You’re my business partner, nothing more but definitely nothing less, as I run operations with nobody other than the people I trust.

I've encoded my applicable processes to understand certain principles, and you’ve been notified of our schedule, as there is deadline for our private discussion dated to be on or before February 19th, 2024, at which point I will make a public notification of either A, B, or C
Isn’t that like 6 months + 6 days delay or something?
Weird, what did that? Alpha Tau Omega or something?
Feb19th is significant by its corollary with our Independent Ontario Advocacy Group shell. Thanks for the agreed upon $100 repayment on Feb09th, as repayment for the loan I personally issued to you by Interac e-Transfer from my Covfefe Bakery shell on Jan29th. Your actions are fully appreciated as coherence and understanding of how teams operate in cohesion.
  • Farkas:
    • Chad can u lend me 20 pls
    • Chad can u lend me 20 pls
    • Chad can u lend me 20 pls
    • Chad can u lend me 20 pls
    • Chad can u lend me 20 pls
  • Hillier:
    • Kelly, I chose to give you $100.00 at 0931H Monday January 29th, without your asking for anything. 
    • And about 12 hrs later I just gave you $20+80. Get something for the kids, my treat. The kids come first, 
    • you let me understand how I was being selfish. As per your direction, I'll take back $20 from our shared account 
    • on the date you requested. Why, but it's a wonderful web we weave when first, we practice to deceive the enemy. 
    • Hugz, grrl. -Isaac
  • Farkas:
    • My goodness thank you
    • Take it back feb 9
    • Both
    • Pls
    • I don’t need anyone else saying anything .
    • And they are both lying anyway -
You do recall that WE incorporated OUR shell on August 24th, and I’ve kept “obsessing" (as both you and my wife misinterpret this concentrative process) since about 6 months & 6 days ago, right? I treat you as my reflexion, in a sense. That’s why I’ve broken so many personal self-interests for you and the kids. Do you honestly think I didn’t know or understand you yet?
Please understand that I’ve calculated for both Alpha and Beta as variants. I may feel significant pain or loss at one time or another, but I understand the sacrosanctity of the Murphy* reasoning.




PS. If you do not confirm that you’ve received this communication, I will accommodate with submission for the adequate public consumption, so hopefully you’ll be informed appropriately. That’s the primary reasoning for my including LJ in this matter. This can be summed up as you're with me, because we're each the best at what we specialize in..
However, there is a resonance for the saying in Hackers, where Murphy says "Mess with the Best, die like the rest!" I respect and protect you as an associate in OUR declaration uttered on August 24th, 2023. Would there be some odd resonance with February 19th, 2024 do you understand?
NOTE: I may make partial releases of this email to the public as a subtle nudge to you about your process lacking a certain efficacy.
  • A.) You have Door A, which is that that you're my associate, and we're on the same team, and part of your training needs to be properly understood for OUR Independent Ontario Advocacy Group.
  • B.) You have Door B, which is that you're NOT on my team, and so thusly have committed a Fraud of over $5,000 on MY Independent Ontario Advocacy Group.