But, we're not all in this together...

I received a very well thought out and poignant letter from a concerned individual from Ottawa. He expresses clearly a variety of hardships people are facing in Ontario as a result of the COVID restrictions, demonstrating that WE ARE NOT all in this together.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, our government made it harder, nay, impossible for thousands of businesses to stay open. They added further hardships to the elderly, mentally unwell, and poorer communities in Ontario. COVID restrictions have been tightened while all the evidence shows it will do more harm than good. Give this letter a read, and let me know if you agree it is time we stop the fear, end the restrictions, and return to normal.
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We're not all in this together...


Anonymous (not verified), Fri, 02/12/2021 - 15:11
Covid is just a new strain of the flu...doesn’t it seem odd that the “seasonal flu” has just magically disappeared? There are over 100,000 doctors have agreed that all this bullshit is ridiculous