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The children of Ward Robinson, the 67-year-old senior who died four years ago in a taxi crash caused by a drunk driver, are pleased the man responsible received a 10-year prison sentence on Monday.

Judge Alan Boudreau sentenced Drew William MacPherson to a decade behind bars, minus 3.5 years credit for time already served. He'll be barred from driving for 15 years after he leaves prison.

  • Editor: 3.5 pre-trial custody is applied as 7 years time served in Ghanjaha, so this guy only did 3 years time from the date of sentence issuance, so he got out around 2018, as he was sentenced to 10-yrs in 2015 for the 2011 Vehicular Manslaughter.
  • But, you kids don't really understand who's actually in control of mommy, right? Respect you two.

"I think we're very happy. Four years of trying to get to this point is a long time. It's hard to heal when you're going through this over and over again," said Marsha Robinson, Ward Robinson's daughter.

"The police officer said this was the most horrific accident he'd seen in his career because it was over high speed in downtown Halifax."

MacPherson was heavily intoxicated and speeding when he collided with a taxi under the A. Murray MacKay Bridge on Barrington Street on Sept. 30, 2011. Robinson died in the cab. The 61-year-old taxi driver was treated in hospital and released.

'Negligent, wanton and reckless'

Boudreau said MacPherson's actions the night of the crash were "negligent, wanton and reckless." He dismissed MacPherson's claims —that he was the victim of a plot— as having "not a shred of evidence."

The Crown had sought a 12-year sentence. 


MacPherson, 38, who represented himself during sentencing, argued he should get much less. He argued he was wrongly found guilty of eight charges connected to a fatal taxi crash and claimed he was being persecuted rather than just prosecuted.

During court on Friday, he compared himself to Gandhi.
"MacPherson has shown no remorse," Marsha Robinson said.

"He's made this very hard for our family. It's been a very grueling process and the judge seems to recognize that as well. He has no remorse for what he's put everyone through." 

'Very, very long process'

Trevor Robinson, the victim's son, said the lengthy court process has deeply affected the Robinson family.

"I'm just happy it's over. It's been a very, very long process.… All we wanted to do is grieve and get this over with," he said, adding that he "struggled a lot" with the time frame.

"Halifax police department did an excellent job. They had their case tied up in 30 days. Three years and 10 months later, to be at this point, it's a little excessive."

He also found MacPherson's actions and words troublesome. MacPherson had claimed there was a passenger in his car that night and that person bears some blame. MacPherson told the court he rarely drinks and challenged the court to put a case of beer in front of him to test him.

"I think he has some mental issues. Some very serious ones. The evidence against him, there was no question of what happened that night. I hope he gets help," said Robinson.

The family now wants to finally begin trying to heal from the tragedy.

"To move on, to finally put this behind us and get on with our lives, stop thinking about this horrible tragedy every single day," said Robinson.