Re: Latina Sexual Abuse Protection Program

ON: July 02, 2024 at 2200EST
RE: Re: Latina Sexual Abuse Protection Program
FR: Mr Isaac Bon Hillier
TO: Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco
CC: Mr Isaac Bon Hillier, Ms Kelly Anne Wolfe, Fr Alex Laschuk 

  • Dear Maritza,

    Your lies are filling people like Kim the Wolfe with aggravation about myself.

    My business partner is not a Hungarian Gypsy, but she’s actually a Canadian Wolfe. You’re ranting like a child rather than talking like an adult in disagreement with your husband so recognized in the Catholic Church, Mr Isaac Bon Hillier. I’m nothing like your father Mr Fausto Enrique Orozco, your brother Mr Leonidas David Orozco, or even your mother Mrs Hilda Esperanza Orozco. I actually understand the importance of context, and walk my talk regarding things as minute as the betrayal of trust from a 48-year-old father raping his 14-year-old daughter.

    According to you, what’s said and done is done, even though you’re still fearing sexual relations with your man, and have stormed out 20% of the time since your mother died on July 5th 2021, 222 times unreasonable Breach of Protocol re Matrimony. I understand the necessity of such an offender being recognized and punished in the public square, for to ensure that we do the utmost in order to prevent not dissimilar sexual crimes in the future. Customarily, a castration before the public is required in order to ensure the appreciation of the message “..don’t you dare fuck our kids, or you lose everything you fucking care about.. balls and all.”

    Wolves protect our children, and are usually willing to do those most unreasonable and/or otherwise inhumane forms of justice. I told you what I did in order to protect my son from his mother’s snakiness, but you simply said bullshit about his whore of a mother, saying that you knew what a good parent does. I thought that was interesting, as albeit you state that your father raped you against your will, it turns out that you didn’t even tell the police that he had extorted your sexual activity as a 14-year-old hot lil Latina Daughter satisfying her forceful 48-yr-old Ecuadorian Father. And you still EAGERLY carry his tramp-stamp in your wallet and on your hand, Mrs Orozco.

    You know, the same one you think of when you utter “Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.. forgive us our trespasses, for we know not what we do.” That one.. your father who’s like in Heaven, because nobody knows what he’s done to his daughter. You throw your husband in jail with false claims of Assault and Forcible Confinement because I wouldn't let you run out of our apartment in your underwear and so discombobulated by the thought of what I might do to your father… Like your mother who art in heaven, you needed to protect your father no matter the cost. The cost for your husband was 69 days of confinement and the forcible removal of my wedding band by a prison official.

    But you’ll do anything to protect your father and your mother, even your brother for they’re far more important than your Canadian husband. Now I’ve got Kim uttering veiled threats off my detention for threatening death or bodily harm upon others, such as the apparent “[a]busing and publicly [certain] humiliating people.. seek counsel before you do more harm to yourself or others.”

    Just like the threat to cause death or bodily harm upon others.. right? Just like 264.1, Uttering Threats or something? Am I uttering threats to rape or otherwise cause death or bodily harm to 14-year-old little girls and 15-year-old little boys by DISCOURAGING the future occurrence of Sexual Abuse against not dissimilar children from sustaining the sexual abuse of their strongly uncharged fathers that are so forceful, but aren’t quite in heaven yet?

    Really Maritza? You just called me demanding money that I must provide to my wife who is at an unknown location doing unknown activities with unknown individuals. Do you understand what extortion is, my dear? Do you understand why I think you’re acting like a 14-yr-old child at an unknown location with unknown persons? Do you not understand that I will soon view you and your performance as a threat to the health and welfare of OUR children? Am I talking about my son and his sister, or am I talking about Kelly’s children from the mailman?

    Because I don’t endorse or recognize the Stay Out of Jail Free card for sexual assailants and assaulters of our children. Moreover, I talk things over with my family or business partners before doing things based on my potentially impulsive emotions. Why have you been sleeping and quite possibly cuddling with other individuals for more than 55 days? I’ve read your notes about my situation with Kelly, and it just sounds like you’re a jealous tweenager.. you’re actually pulling things out of context. Like the fact that you attacked my Comms Bakery with false criminal complaints about something which we had discussed and consented to regardless, but were actually controlled by your legal husband Mr Isaac Bon Hillier?

    So I’ve had to lock up the Covfefe Bakery, and fully activate the Independent Ontario Advocacy Group corporate body I established for backup usage in conjunction with my partner Anne? Do you know how angry you’re making my friend, Maritza?

    • Did you not realize that you’re actually pushing Kelly and I closer together?

  • Now I’m getting these vaguely threatening comms from our friend Kim the Wolfe. Then you go throwing the most ridiculous phrases like:


    • "You have admitted to have formed a relationship with her because is was your back up plan in case I left you.  This is still called infidelity.”

      • Isaac: No, that’s called having a friend as the seed that one can grow the plant from in case the current plant walks away.

    • "Honestly I will report you to the police now that you show me that you are her are in on this fraud.  I have no choice. “

      • Isaac: The only criminal act herewith is your manipulation of my dislike for your father being used as a Get Out of Jail Free card.



  • You verified that your Father Fausto Enrique Orozco sexually and/or physically abused you numerous times in 1987, and that I’m there bad guy because I want him held responsible in order to protect our children and grandchildren from sustaining not dissimilar sexual assaults and/or extortive abuse in the reasonably foreseeable future. You’re acting like a Naughty Ho’rozco Bear. I think they look like Mr Leonidas David Orozco.

    What was the saying? "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name..” Or something.. you’re not acting like a reasonably faithful 50-yr-old wife, but rather like an unreasonably fearful 14-yr-old child who just wants to keep her father safe, even if it means endangering my children and their future children. I told you from the get-go, what I did in order to protect my son from his mother’s street-walking habits.

    Did you honestly not see this coming? I was issuing you patient warnings gradually increasing the indicia. You cannot state that you weren’t warned, and we actually spoke about what needed to be done to your father at St Ann’s Church whilst outdoors and I explained to you how I felt about his confirmed rape of you as a 14-year-old child. I also mentioned something about my own 14-yr-old child, right? If only you had understood what I understood was my DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY as the father of my son. I explained his mother to you not for your pity, but as a demonstration of what I’m willing to do with consideration of the entirety.

    I love you Maritza, and I tried to gently say it..
    I set you free. Goodbye.


  • Respectfully yours,
    Isaac & Kelly, Advocacy and Community Planning
    Independent Ontario Advocacy Group
    Cel: +1 437-553-2224