Mar28 COVID Fraud: A Priori Error + Comorbidities

Was reconciling the two data-sets tonight, and I finally realized why there is a slight discrepancy.. because of the  word "resolved". Public Health Ontario should have used the word "recovered" but that would have made their intentional fraud more readily apparent.

If they had said "recovered" instead of "resolved" then people would have intuitively grasped that it is a simple progress of a condition. Nothing more, nothing less.

I personally believe that death is a resolution of a process, but apparently they did no wish to respect the balance.

But then again, most of the deaths are irrelevant fear-porn and transpired significantly comorbidity-laden, so we'll stick to the pure differential for the time being as they're beside the progress. Will be open to your feedback, but this is almost purely #GoebbelsStyle marketing.