Why to protect pedophiles because they're fathers...


The enclosed is a specific republishing of some Facebook and Messenger or Email comms too roughly establish context of who Henry Case really is, and why he's one of the frigidest, most unwanted males in Toronto.



Both Kelly ann wofe and Isaac bon hillier are criminals. How? Isaac took money unknowingly from his wife. $5000 + Kelly denies any money was given to her. after she tries to deny this, I told her that it was my money. she then aligns herself again with Isaac to avoid beign prosecuted (taken to court over the money by isaac) He then takes $1500 from his wife's credit cards and brags about it to her. This is your Henry Case. This is your Kelly ann wolfe. Both are liars, and both lie to you the public. 

Henry Case is appearing to stalk and harrass his wife. He is not what he is portraying to be to you guys online. His adulteress Kelly Ann Wolfe and himself pretend to be crusaders for abused woman but are both attempting to harrass and abuse a woman.

Henry Case is a manipulator just as Kelly Ann Wolfe, People beware these two are con artists and liars. Check out maddr.ca and see all the smears, lies, and false accusations he is making on his wife.

You are hypocrite!! You gave no compassion but belittle a woman and make her feel like she is guilty. Also you come from a troubled past. You hate your mother and father. You are a cold hearted bastard whose father never taught you how to respect a woman. His abscence from your life caused you to think of woman with disdain. You are a wife abuser. 

Mr. Isaac Bon Hillier who goes by various names, Like Chad w. testes, Henry case. You are damaged, you are a pysychopath, and maninulator. A thief. You and Kelly A. Farkas enjoyed taking and keeping money that was not yours. Return the $5288 to your wife. Stop the games. You were baptized, you accepted Jesus Christ as your saviour. Why do you turn to the father of lies, manipulation, and games for your well being. Walk away from the devil. Turn to Christ. You are financially and emotionally abusing your wife.

Both of you are egotistical and live in facebook and online world. You bubbles of delusion are great. Why all the games? You don't you side with Isaac's wife. Why are you silent? Is it because I know that you accepted a total of $5288.03 over the course of some years, and want to pretend that his is lying about this. I was witness to the exchange of business card, I was there when you agreed to the business plan, I was there when you came over to pick up the pass codes, cards. Did he transfer over $1500 of my money to you via CovfefeBakery.org.Your silence with me, shows your consent with Isaac's bad treatment of me, and your wish to not return the money. 

Henry Case demands that she return and not out of love but it appears out of hatred and control.

  • You brag about taking money from me, your wife. How despicable. 
  • he state he's feeling loved by Canadian Democratic Defence Association CDDA
  • You message follows.
    • Kelly, I respect you, and I care about both my mini-me AND your mini-me. I know both of your kids are adopted, but that actually increases my respect and care for you.
    • Look what my ex-wife tried to do against our Independent Ontario Advocacy Group that we established for your birthday in '23...
    • She's so jealous of my She Wolfe that she filed two fraudulent claims against our maverick. On June 11th, then a week later on June 17th she filed false claims via Squarespace Canada which actually had a false fraud claim of $775.00 but our security protocol rebuffed these claims and actually she now owes us 2x48.00 so basically Mrs Maritza Elizabeth OROZCO and Mr Leonidas David OROZCO now owe Isaac & Kelly $96.00 CAD.
    • This is fucking hilarious.. I told her that you and I recognized the skillsets of equivalence almost a year ago, which is why we went ahead with OUR Federal Not-For-Profit.
    • Remember my focus on MWTBDLTR? Well...
    • Let. It. Burn. Enjoy the Ho'rozco Torte! Give my son and his sister hug for me, bebe. We're in the final 3 months, I think.
    • https://maddr.ca/the-horozco-torte
  • 20240610-0044EST:
    • This is a further notice of Conditions of Release in my "Expect the Best, yet Prepare for the Worst" contextual understanding of Conflict Resolution.
    • Does Kelly sound ho.. hungry, Hungry, REALLY FARKAS'D UP HUNGRY to anyone else listening and paying attention?
    • Please tell me.. does she need an appetite suppressant? Kelly alleges that I've locked her up, but you don't understand how nasty her foreplay gets. Handcuffs and a leash are just the appetizer for baby and I, apparently people don't understand that about my partner and I.
    • Cuz we need to talk..
      Mr Isaac Bon Hillier is partners in crime with Ms Kelly Anne Farkas.

  • Quite right. Just like you punish those you marry for how you father was a good father satisfying you in '87. Fr Orozco satisfied you so well that you file Criminal Charges against your husband for mentioning that because of Bill 132, we now had an avenue by which to punish your father Mr Fausto Enrique Orozco for his having raped his 14-year-old daughter when he was 48-years-old. But forcible sexual maneuvers with a 14-year-old Catholic was not illegal in '87, as the age of sexual consent was 14. Right, or at least that's what you said your mum told you.
  • However, your husband informed you that there were now laws in place to hold accountable those dirty 48-year-old rapists of 14-year-old Catholic schoolgirls.
  • On March 9, 2016, Bill 132 Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan Act (Supporting Survivors and Challenging Sexual Violence and Harassment) 2015 received Royal Assent which is the last step in making it a law. Bill 132 is the legislative action plan arising from the Government’s report It’s Never Ok: An Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment. The preamble to Bill 132 states that “The Government will not tolerate sexual violence, sexual harassment or domestic violence. Protecting all Ontarians from their devastating impact is a top Government priority and is essential for the achievement of a fair and equitable society. All Ontarians would benefit from living without the threat and experience of sexual violence, sexual harassment, domestic violence and other forms of abuse, and all Ontarians have a role to play in stopping them.” The Bill amends several laws in an effort to implement this priority. Of interest are the effects it will have on two particular laws: the Limitations Act and The Compensation for Victims of Crime Act.
  • However, you're still traumatized, and so you feel the need to protect your father as responsible Catholic Schoolgirl, not protect the children of Kelly and Isaac by punishing previous offenders who've raped their children and have scared their children snd wife into not reporting the h'Orozco Criminal Occurrence.. You've sworn to never report your rapist pedophile father for his having satisfied you on a single occasion in '87. You've even pressed charges against your husband for informing you of our right and duty as Catholic Adults to legally and lawfully protect our children by utilizing the 2018-Mar-09 Bill 132 to give your daddy his just desserts that do not unhygienically remove his penis.
  • Bill 132 is for Supporting Survivors and Challenging Sexual Violence and Harassment.
  • However, the h'Orozco regime is to punish the father of a 15-year-old for the rape Fausto's teeny-lover Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco. And so, you punish me for my son and his sister, rather than punishing your own father for raping you?
  • Your logic is stupid, Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco. I protect the partners I work with, and you protect the partners that rape you.
  • Henry Case, your cover is blown. Isaac bon Hillier. You are a liar and a adulterer.
  • By your thoughts you have cheated on your wife. You have taken her $ 5288.03 and another $1500. You have even created this post so as to hide from justice.
  • You verbally abuse your wife, treat her poorly meanwhile like a dog with rabies you are emotionally cheated on me and stealing to give to her? I this how a husband behaves?
  • sucio perro taisonero, con tu puta, dio los pagara con justici. Maldito sean los dos.

  • Your translation is wrong. This translates to : Traitor Dog, with your bitch dog.
    God will enact his punishment on both of you. Both of you will be damned.

  • Puta de madre. translates to:

  • Bitch of a mother.

  • Puta y mujer de mierda. Translates to Whore and shit woman. You google spanish sucks. Ignorant fool. You will be punished if you continue walking this path. Turn to Jesus, you accepted him in your life. Why do you walk in the path to perdition.

  • you are a liar, you walk with the Devil.



231 DAYS ABSENTIAL — 162+69=231
This breakdown is initiated from the death of Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco Ortiz's Mother Hilda Esperanza Orozco Ortiz on July 5th, 2021. The pattern exists...

20240708    20240709   01 days absence —— JUl08 '24 » Jul09  '24    22
20240508    20240706   60 days absence —— May08 '24 » Jul06  '24    21
20231218    20231219   02 days absence —— Dec18 '23 » Dec19  '23    20
20231028    20231029   02 days absence —— Oct28 '23 » Oct29  '23    19
20231014    20231021   08 days absence —— Oct14 '23 » Oct21  '23    18
20231009    20231012   04 days absence —— Oct09 '23 » Oct12  '23    17
20230501    20230503   03 days absence —— May01 '23 » May03  '23    16
20230421    20230428   08 days absence —— Apr21 '23 » Apr28  '23    15
20230401    20230411   10 days absence —— Apr01 '23 » Apr11  '23    14
20221006    20221213   69 days incense —— Oct06 '22 » Dec13  '22    69
20220926    20221003   07 days absence —— Sep26 '22 » Oct03  '22    13
20220909    20220914   05 days absence —— Sep09 '22 » Sep14  '22    12
20220613    20220622   09 days absence —— Jun13 '22 » Jun22  '22    11
20220601    20220611   10 days absence —— Jun01 '22 » Jun11  '22    10
20220514    20220516   03 days absence —— May14 '22 » May16  '22    09
20220502    20220512   10 days absence —— May02 '22 » May12  '22    08
20220421    20220423   03 days absence —— Apr21 '22 » Apr23  '22    07
20220331    20220401   03 days absence —— Mar31 '22 » Apr01  '22    06
20220308    20220309   02 days absence —— Mar08 '22 » Mar09  '22    05
20211212    20211213   02 days absence —— Dec12 '21 » Dec13  '21    04
20211210    20211212   03 days absence —— Dec10 '21 » Dec12  '21    03 
20211127    20211130   04 days absence —— Nov27 '21 » Nov30  '21    02
20211024    20211026   03 days absence —— Oct24 '21 » Oct26  '21    01 

         See similar occurrence about the..
         Usage of mature kids and protecting therapists of children.

20210705     MARITZA'S MUM DIED, SNOWBALL STARTS ROLLING. MARI IS NOT AN ADULT. —————————————————————————————————————————————