Ms OROZCO to Ms FARKAS fw Sexual Abuse of My Children

ON: June 06, 2024 at 11109EST
RE: Fw: Sexual Abuse of My Children
FR: Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco
TO: Ms Kelly Anne Wolfe 
FW: Mr Isaac Bon Hillier

  • Do you really think that love is like this?  You threaten me by saying to return so I will get treated like trash, and you don't say to me:  I'm sorry for hurting you and giving you bruises and injury "  But you say to me if you don't return and pursue a court case against another abuser  my father that then you will go lay with another woman and pursue to dissolve the holy marriage.  I don't see the love here, you are almost like an Indian or an Middle Eastern man who treats woman like their property and not equal and loving partners.  This isn't love, come back or I will sleep with the women I gave our $5000 to.  I should be happy with this proposal.  You don't know what love is.  You accuse me of loving my father and my brother.  Your very sick.  So a grifter will sleep with a grifter, who is conning who in that game of you and Kelly you unfaithful lover of a husband.  Jesus will see how dishonest of a man you are.  You are not a Catholic. This is not love Isaac, you are abusing my love if you think this is love.  I will write to the priests involved in your communication and see what they think of your proposal.  You have been unfaithful unloving husband.  You show to the world who you are and you think I don't see it.  Stop writing to me if that is all you want, you HEATHEN.