Jan28 COVID Fraud: -1063 Cases

On January 28th, 2021 Public Health Ontario recorded that there were less newly confirmed cases than newly recovered cases, with its daily epidemiological summary (locally archived here) as:

There are a total of 264,300 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ontario reported to date. Compared to the previous day, this represents:

  • An increase of 1,837 confirmed cases (percent change of -12.2%)
  • An increase of 58 deaths (percent change of +3.6%)
  • An increase of 2,900 resolved cases (percent change of +16.4%)

This equates a net value of 1,837 - 2,900 cases, or -1,063 cases. For these alarming numbers, we have been forced to perpetuate a lockdown (not a lockdown, but only a state of emergency) to "reduce the numbers".

Why the fuck do you need pandemonium to further REDUCE a negative number?

Hint: A panicked populace is easily controlled. Fight or flight limbic response, rather than considered rational evaluation by the frontal cortex. Despite a pattern of record-breaking recoveries, we "model" a frightening bogeyman to trigger the panicked response of all the unreasonable fear-porn addicts.