Your anger triggered my love...

Thank-you grrl, it was a wonderful idea to have us remember that Maritza actually consented to my actions at our Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Now, I don’t have to worry about what they’ll try to do with lawfare bullshit, because this is actually a part of my duty. You’re my friend forever grrl.. I’d love to get to know our children better now that I’m back in operations, but it’s totally up to you, sugar.

Does Kelly sound ho.. hungry, Hungry, REALLY FARKAS'D UP HUNGRY to anyone else listening and paying attention to ANYTHING I've written? I wrote about our CONJUGAL FOREPLAY PROCEDURE, but you turds have no idea how I used to run ops.. before I was married.

    • Please tell me.. does she need an appetite suppressant? Kelly alleges that I've locked her up, but you don't quite understand just how naughty and nasty our foreplay gets. Handcuffs and a leash are just the appetizer for bebe and I, but apparently you guys haven't run appropriately.